Replace Worn Gears in a Garage Door Opener

Crushed plastic gears are a common problem with chain-driven garage door openers. Fortunately, the repair is not difficult or expensive, and should only take an hour of your time. Therefore, if you suddenly discover that the engine of your garage door opener seems to be working, but the door is not moving, the first thing to do is to check if it is worn. These are the steps necessary to inspect and replace the gears of the garage door opener.


Unplug the garage door opener. Pull the emergency release rope and then close the garage door with your hand. Remove the lid from the garage door opener.

Inspect the gears

Examine the white plastic gears. Do the edges look worn or crushed? If so, you must replace them. Find the make and model of your garage door opener, and then start buying a new gear kit. Amazon and other online retailers carry many popular gear kits, which vary in price from around $ 18 to $ 30. If you"re in a hurry, you should be able to find a kit at a local garage door dealer. A gear kit should contain two new gears, some washers and a grease tube. Some gear kits come with detailed instructions that will help guide you through the process. Others contain minimal instructions, if any, which is where this tutorial comes in.

If your examination reveals gears that appear to be in good shape, you may have a more serious problem with the garage door opener.

You may want to find a good repair person to get a professional opinion. Alternatively, you may want to continue and replace the unit, which may not cost much more than the person in charge of the repair will bill you.

Pick up your tools

A typical gear replacement will require the following tools:

  • 1/4-inch driver nut
  • 3/8-inch nut or socket driver
  • Screwdriver or socket 5/16-inch, with extension
  • 1/8 inch Allen wrench
  • Hammer
  • flat head screwdriver
  • 5/32 inch stroke
  • Loosen the circuit board

In some garage door openers, loosening the circuit board and letting it hang provide more room for work. Simply remove the screws and allow the plate to hang, out of the way.

Loosen the chain

The chain is attached to a tension bar. Use a wrench to loosen the nut on the rod. Keep in mind that you may need a second wrench or pliers to prevent the chain from turning.

Remove the gear set

Remove the screws that hold the gear set in place. Lift the whole assembly out of the unit. Next, you will have to remove the helical gear from the shaft. This gear is held in place with a pin, which is removed by touching a small blow with a hammer. If the pin is difficult to remove (and they do often), sprinkle some WD-40 on the pin and let it soak for a while. The worm gear attached to the motor shaft can be removed by loosening the collar fixing screws with a hexagonal wrench. Slide the gear and washers, and then remove the retaining screws on the motor.

Reassemble the gear set

Fix the new worm gear to the shaft. Reassemble and replace the motor assembly.

Now you need to install the new helical gear set. Place a thin layer of the grease included in the kit on the gear. With the gears in place, tighten the chain as indicated in the user"s manual. Replace the cover on the garage door opener, plug it back in and start enjoying your garage door opener in operation.


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Top Questions Regarding Garage Door Costs

Whether you are equipping a new home or looking to replace an old garage door, one of your main concerns will no doubt involve the costs of the garage door. It is not necessarily an easy task. Most owners do not have much experience buying garage doors and, therefore, have little idea about the costs of garage doors.

In addition, the costs of the garage door vary widely. You can spend just a few hundred dollars on a new, uninstalled, basic garage door, thousands of dollars for a high-end garage door that is professionally installed.

One thing that might surprise you is that replacing the garage door could well be a good investment. Remodeling magazine has found that the return on investment in a garage door is better than any other home improvement project.

With this in mind, here are five important questions you must answer to help you manage the costs of your garage door.

1. Do I really need a new door?

For many, this is a simple question to answer. The wooden garage doors are rotting, the metal doors of the garage are hit, the hardware of the road is broken. If that is the situation you face, there probably are not many options in the matter. You need a new door.

But just because your garage door does not work properly, it does not necessarily have to be replaced. You can keep your garage door costs low by doing a little maintenance and repairing yourself.

If cold air slips along the edges of your garage door, you do not need to replace it, the door may need a patch.

Also keep in mind that wooden and metal garage doors can be transformed with a paint job, which is much less expensive than replacement.

2. What type of garage door should I choose?

One of the biggest variables in garage door costs is in the materials used. For more information on how garage door costs can be reflected in the material you choose, read on how to choose the best material for your door.

Your choice of style can also have a big impact on the costs of your garage door.

3. What is included in the cost of the garage door?

Obviously, the costs of the garage door will depend on something more than the price of the door. Replacements of garage doors often also include new tracks (the metal parts in which the rollers move up and down). Find out if the cost that has been quoted includes new clues.

As with most consumer products, it really pays to shop around and compare the costs of garage doors. Most cities have a large number of contractors who specialize in garage door installations and repairs. Give everyone a call and find two or three that give you a written quote. You may also want to compare the costs of garage doors offered by Home Depot and Lowes. Both usually carry garage doors, and Home Depot usually offers an installation service as well. The costs of garage doors in both stores range from approximately $ 300 (one car) to $ 450 (two cars). Double those figures and you should have a rough idea of ​​the costs of the garage door installed.

4. Can I install the garage door myself?

Home centers sell garage doors that are not particularly difficult to install. Before deciding to reduce the cost of your garage door by installing it yourself, contact the manufacturer for installation instructions.

If the project seems manageable, go ahead. As with most home improvement projects, the best way to reduce the costs of garage doors is to do it yourself.

5. Should I also replace the garage door opener?

If your garage door opener works well with the current garage door, there"s probably no reason to change it. The only exception to this would be if you buy a new garage door that is considerably heavier than the previous one and your garage door opener is not strong enough to withstand the extra load. However, look for a lightweight replacement garage door, and you can avoid having to replace the garage door opener.

Garage Door Remotes

The garage door remotes are practical and ubiquitous. They are the “key" that many of us use to enter and leave our homes. They cause few problems, are easy to fix when they do, and can be replaced at a low cost.  But what exactly should you do when your remote control button does not do your duty? Or where do you look when you need a replacement for the remote control? Or when should I consider replacing all garage door openers?

Good questions everything. Here are some answers to questions about repairing, replacing and updating your remote garage door.

Garage Door Remote Not Working?

When the button mounted on the wall works, but the remote control does not work, you probably need to reprogram the remote control or replace the battery. The best way to reprogram the remote control is to consult the manual for instructions. If you do not have a manual, you can probably find it on the manufacturer"s website.

Most basic garage door openers require only a few simple steps to program. In general, press and hold the open button on the remote control while pressing and releasing the programming button, then release the open button when the garage door opener light comes on. If you have a HomeLink garage door opener, here are programming instructions.

If these steps do not work, or if you prefer to let a professional professional handle the work, see Finding the best garage door installers and repairers for suggestions.

There are some problems with garage door remotes that seem to defy solutions. Sometimes people discover that the garage door will open by itself. He may be sitting in the living room or at work, and the door suddenly opens. The reason for some of these strange occurrences may surprise you.

It seems that the government (at any level) can use the same radio frequencies as garage door remote controls for emergencies. In the process of using that frequency in an area, nearby garage door openers can be inadvertently opened at will.

See below for information on how to replace remote garage door batteries.

Garage Door Remote Apps

Yes, there is an application for that. At least at this time for the iPhone. I have no doubt that the applications will soon be available for other smartphone operating systems that allow you to open and close your remote control with your phone. Very convenient, but make sure you do not lose your phone.

Remote replacement of the garage door battery

Oddly enough, many people forget that the only thing they do is power the remote of their garage door with one or two batteries inside. When the remote seems to suddenly stop working, the first thing to check is the battery or batteries.

To do so, you must remove a small screw or two on the remote control and then separate it. If your remote control does not have screws, you must be able to access the battery by sliding the panel on the back.  Remove the battery or batteries. If your remote uses AA or AAA batteries, you probably have new ones in the house.  Small, round batteries may require a trip to a battery store or electronics store. Replace the batteries and reassemble the remote control.

Security concerns about garage door remote controls

Many people enter their homes more frequently through the garage, not the front door. Why? Because it is more convenient. You enter the driveway, press a button on the remote control, park in the garage and then enter the house through the entrance door into the garage.

Comfort is nice, but sometimes it can be counterproductive. As a result, thieves also like to enter homes through the garage. Why? Because it is often much more convenient. This is especially true when you leave a remote control in a car parked in the driveway or on the street, and even more so when that car is unlocked. Once the bad guy has his remote control in his hands, he is just a click away from a button to enter the house.

For more comprehensive suggestions on garage door openers and safety, see Garage Door Operators and Garage Safety.

Security of garage doors

Kids love to play with anything with a button that, when hit, makes something happen. Remote controls for garage doors conform to that definition. Yes, it"s fun, but it"s also dangerous. To minimize the dangers that remote garage door controls pose to children, the International Doors Association has created a simple safety program called D.O.O.R. Insurance. Consult the tips and establish a habit in your home that children can not play with garage door openers.

Remote replacement garage door

If you lost or broke a remote control, it is very easy to find a replacement. Contact the manufacturer of the garage door opener or buy online for a replacement. You will need the model number of your opener. Alternatively, you might consider removing a universal garage door remote control (see below).

Universal garage door controls

Skylink and other manufacturers of garage door remote controls that can be programmed to operate most garage door openers. These remote controls are cheap and easy to find online and in stores.

Manufacturers of garage door openers do not particularly like the manufacturers of universal remotes. One of the first, Chamberlain, actually sued Skylink in an effort to prevent them from selling their universal remote control in the United States. Chamberlain maintained that universal remote control was a security threat, but it seems that what they really meant was that it was a threat of profit. The courts did not support Chamberlain"s effort.

Replacement garage door opener

There is no reason to allow a troublesome remote control to force you to replace all the garage door openers. Remote controls can be repaired and replaced. Having said that, there are many good reasons to replace the garage door opener. Security and safety are at the top of the list. The first models of garage door openers could be opened with remote controls in the hands of the thieves who patrolled the streets. Newer openers have codes that are much harder to duplicate.

Maintaining Your Garage Door & Garage Door Opener

Many families today use their garage door as the main entry point to their home. Many times, we can forget, or take for granted, the 300 pieces and pieces that move independently that are required to safely raise and lower the garage door. Failure of any of these parts could damage the garage door or garage door opener. How many times do you raise and lower your garage door every day? Do your children use the garage door as a means to enter the house after school? What would happen if your garage door or garage door opener stopped working?

It is likely that panic will hit your home if your garage door does not work. Especially if your car was stuck inside, a child could not enter the house after school, or if the garage door was stuck and you could not secure your house and your belongings. Repairs to garage doors always occur at the most inopportune times. But did you know that proper maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener could prevent unexpected and costly repairs? It is recommended that a professional garage door company annually inspect and adjust your garage door. Trained and professional technicians from Local Garage Door Pro Garage Solutions will also perform a 20-point garage door security control with each garage door adjustment. Our set-up of the garage door includes:

  • Diagnostic general service call
  • Inspect the sections of the garage door, track, counterweight system, hinges, rollers and external weather seal.
  • Tighten all bolts / screws
  • Lubricate the hinges, rollers and springs of the garage door panel
  • Rebalance the garage door, if necessary (adjust the spring tension)
  • Adjust travel and safety settings of the garage door opener, if necessary
  • Cogwheel and chain of the lubricant garage door opener
  • Check the pressure of the opening force of the garage door
  • Align the electronic eyes if applicable for the garage door opener

While this will help avoid costly and surprising repairs to garage doors and door openers, we understand that these things happen; and when they do, they need someone to respond quickly and be considerate of their needs and concerns, someone they can trust. If you have an unexpected garage door or a garage door opener repair, Local Garage Door Pro  Garage Solutions will be happy to assist you. Give us a call after all; your satisfaction is guaranteed

Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

Garage doors lead quite simple lives. Up, down, up, down, over and over again until suddenly they do not work as they should. Fortunately, that simple life usually makes relatively simple repairs. Sometimes, however, even the old, reliable garage doors bite the dust.

If you have problems with your garage door, here are some tips on what to do.

Quick solutions for garage doors

When your garage door starts to go wrong, most of the time it tells you it"s time to do some maintenance.

Then, before pressing the panic button, try these simple repairs. First, examine the rollers and tracks. If you can not remember the last time you cleaned them (and they look good), give them a good brushing and then add a little lubricant. Next, perform these simple garage door maintenance tasks  If none of this solves your problems, or if you prefer to let someone else worry about the problem, take a look at how to find the best garage door installers and repairers.

Silencing a noisy garage door

Noisy garage doors cause problems of all kinds, especially for anyone who has to sleep on top or next to the garage. Fortunately, most noisy garage door problems can be solved with a combination of routine maintenance and the replacement of some parts.

Frozen garage door

It is precisely in the coldest days of the year when you most need and appreciate the convenience of quickly opening and closing your garage door.

Sadly, those are also the days when the cold and the humidity combine to make this difficult. Garage doors can and do freeze on the garage floor. Sometimes it"s a small ice connection between the two that can break when you press the open button.  Other times, however, the door refuses to yield.  When this happens to you, stop hoping that if you press that button enough times, a miracle will happen. The only thing that will happen is that it will cause a much bigger problem with the garage door opener (including, among others, stripped gears, broken coils and burned motor).

Instead, take a few moments to break the connection. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer to melt the ice. The standard defrosting products will also work. And, if you are careful not to damage the door or the seal on the bottom of the door, use a flat shovel or similar tool to remove the ice.  Once you have the door open, clean the water, ice or snow from the place on the garage floor where the door rests when it is closed. That way, you should be able to plan to open the door the next time you need it.

Replacement of broken Garage Door glass

Regardless of the cause of the broken glass in your garage, this is a problem you want to fix as soon as possible. Broken glass is a safety problem, a safety issue and an invitation to all the neighborhood birds and wasps to make their garage their next home.  Garage doors are much safer these days than they used to be.

This is especially true for garage doors equipped with garage door openers. Older garage door openers did not have the kind of safety features that would prevent them from closing on a child or pet entering or leaving the garage while the door is closing. That served for many tragic stories.  But safety improvements have not eliminated safety concerns when it comes to garage doors. Everyone must understand how to stay safe in the garage.

Problems with the garage door opener

Have you ever noticed how much you use and trust in your garage door opener? Sure, we spend a lot of money on attractive entry doors to our homes, but for many of us, the actual coming and going takes place through the garage. And that means we depend on the garage door opening and closing at the touch of a button.  Therefore, when the garage door opener decides to take a day off, you can leave it stuck outside, probably during a rainstorm or snow storm.  Although they may seem complicated, there are actually many things that most owners can do to diagnose and repair opener failures.

Replace a garage door

Actually, there are only a couple of reasons why you would consider replacing your garage door. Either it has stopped working properly or you are fed up with how it looks. Very often, it is a combination of those two factors. Unfortunately, buying a new garage door is not a particularly easy process. Most of us rarely do this type of shopping, and there really are not many consumer publications that offer solid information about the best options.

Help split things into bite-size pieces. Your first thought might be in the line of “What will a new garage door cost me?" A good place to look for answers to that question is with these frequent questions about the costs of a new garage door.  From there, you should consider the different materials with which garage doors are built. Once you understand something about the materials, you should be sure to choose the garage door style that best complements your home.

Worried about doing the right thing for the environment? Then take a look at Choose a green garage door.

Finally, once you have reduced the type of garage door that you want to decorate in the front of your garage, you will want to get the best deal on a garage door replacement. And part of that process probably requires you to find a good garage door installer.

Garage & Garage Door Safety

Security in the garage door and garage

The garage space can have many uses, including storage, workshop, bike shop, whatever. But the garage and the garage door can also be a safety hazard if you"re not careful.

The door to your garage is the largest entrance to your home, and for many families today is the main entrance. Did you know that your garage door weighs several hundred pounds and has many moving parts? The Consumer Product Safety Commission of the US UU It reports that every year since 1990 an average of 20,000 people visit the emergency room every year for injuries related to the garage door. Understanding garage safety can help protect you and your family. Below you will find a list of safety rules that you can discuss with your family and even post in your garage to help remind everyone.

Keep your garage space clean and organized. A neat and organized garage can avoid trips or falls. The concrete floor of the garage can be very painful and harmful in a fall.

Clearly mark all poisons and flammables and place them out of the reach of children. Children can be very curious. Make sure all paints, pesticides, oils, gas, etc., are clearly marked and in a place where they can not be reached by a child or spilled by accident.

Make sure that the tools and ladders are properly stored. A ladder should never be left upright. Bend the ladder and hang it or place it along the side wall of your garage so that it does not fall on anyone, the children will not be tempted to climb on it, and it will not cause someone to fall. Also, make sure that all sharp and pointed objects are carefully secured out of reach.

A garage door is not a toy. While many children find it fun to run under the door while on the move, this is very unsafe and children can easily get trapped under the door. Let your family know that they should keep a clear distance from the garage door while on the move.

Check your garage door for “electric eyes" or safety sensors. The safety sensors must be connected and aligned correctly. If your garage door is older, or if it has not been properly maintained or installed, it may not have functional safety sensors on your garage door. These are located near the lower, left and right sides of the garage door and should be approximately 4-6 inches from the garage floor.

Call a Local Garage Door Pro  Garage Solutions professional for garage door maintenance, set-up and replacement of springs. Garage doors that are not well maintained can be not only a nuisance but also a safety hazard. The torsion springs (located in the upper center part of the garage door) are under extreme pressure and can cause serious injury if they break. A broken spring can also cause the sudden fall of a garage door. If the spring of the garage door breaks, call a trained Local Garage Door Pro  Garage Solutions professional for the spring replacement.

Keep remote controls and transmitters of the garage door openers out of the reach of children. Make sure no one is near or touches the garage door while you are moving. Never lower the door when it is not in place or without safety functions or additional precautions. In addition to the size and weight of the garage door that crushes a person, there are many hinges and folds in the garage door, of which hands and fingers are often subject to injury.

Promulgate emergency release: make sure everyone understands the importance of the garage door opener emergency release cable and how to use it properly. Explain to the children that this is not a toy and that it is used only for emergencies. Explain those scenarios where it may be necessary to use this correctly.

Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair

Installation and repair of garage door openers by Local Garage Door Pro

The core of any garage door system is its opener. Garage door openers, which are easily overlooked, are very complex equipment, often containing dozens of complex pieces that work simultaneously to raise and lower the door constantly. You"ll know you"re getting the best of Local Garage Door Pro , as it is the home of the # 1 garage door opener in the United States, Craftsman *.

Below you will find the 4 main elements to consider when looking to buy a new garage door opener.

Power ratings

Local Garage Door Pro  Craftsman garage door openers have nominal ratings to fit the needs of any home. From ½ to 1 ¼ of power, our experts can work directly with you to determine the most appropriate opener for your garage door.

Handling mechanism

Local Garage Door Pro  offers two different management mechanisms to accommodate your home and budget. If you are looking for a soft and silent opener for a garage door with rooms located above the garage or attached to the garage, the belt drive will be the best for you. You can also choose a chain opener, which is perfect for garages that are not connected to the house.


Local Garage Door Pro  offers some of the strongest warranty packages in the industry. Up to life in the door sections of the entire Local Garage Door Pro  Carriage House Collection and the Traditional Steel Collection three-layer garage doors by Local Garage Door Pro . Local Garage Door Pro ‘ warranties on labor and hardware are as good or better than other garage door brands.

Battery Backup is also included with certain garage door openers. This feature allows the garage door opener to operate without power for up to 20 cycles to ensure that you can access the garage during a power outage. This is a critical component for many owners who depend on the garage as the main point of entry to the home.


If you want to connect your new garage door to your smartphone, you"re in luck! Craftsman AssureLink ™ / SmartControl Internet Gateway allows you to control and operate your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone, cell phone, laptop or tablet with Internet access through the Craftsman AssureLink ™ mobile application or web interface.

It is perfect for those times when you are away from home and do not remember if you have closed your garage door or if you have given access to your home (through the garage door) as necessary for your family, friends, deliveries, etc. when he is not at home

With multiple options and the possibility of consulting with an expert trained in garage opening, we are sure that we have the right opener to meet your needs. Take a few minutes to review the options below and explore the functions and functions offered by each opener.

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Garage Door Repair

Each day, more than 500 households choose local Garage Door employees to repair and install their garage doors.

We can repair or replace the following garage door parts:

  • Springs for garage doors
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Hinges
  • Adjustment and replacement of the track
  • Door climate seals
  • Torsion Spring conversions
  • Garage door opener
  • Emergency repair services

Professional repair of garage doors by local garage door professionals

A broken garage door can be the result of years of wear and tear on your door mechanisms or the sudden breakage of the door or hardware of the door opener. Whatever the cause, a garage door that does not work properly can seriously affect your schedule and the safety of your garage.

Local Garage Door Pros garage repair technicians are fast, with same day emergency repairs available in most areas. We can replace the springs, rollers, cables, hinges, sensors and climate seals of the garage door. We can also adjust the tracks and springs of the garage door to ensure the door runs smoothly. Do you have problems with your garage door opener? We can repair it or replace it too. See our line of Craftsman Garage Door Openers. Craftsman is the No. 1 US brand of garage door openers! 1

Our technicians are specially trained to handle a variety of brands, styles and garage configurations. After arriving at your house, a Local Garage Door Pro technician will diagnose the problem and guide you through the options to fix it. Then the technician will make the necessary adjustments or replace the broken pieces to ensure that the door can be operational again. We always try to complete the repairs on the same day of service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our representatives are ready for your call and are happy to discuss the pricing options.

Do not let an unexpected problem in the garage door prevent you from achieving what you need to do. Call a local Garage Door Pro technician today and we will have your garage door re-operational immediately.

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